Viser arkivet for stikkord colbert

Stewart og Colbert om, liksom, politikk og sånt.

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Entertainment Weekly har gjort et lengre intervju med gutta.

De diskuterer blant annet sin egen rolle i dagens nyhets-/politiske klima:

For years, studies have come out saying that many young people get their news from late-night comedy, and Jon has always pooh-poohed this idea. But your shows are some of the only ones out there actually digging into archival video to prove when politicians are lying or contradicting themselves. You might not want the responsibility, but haven’t you been given it by default?
COLBERT: I don’t know if responsibility is the right word.
STEWART: It’s more that we’re an emotional show, not a political show. I don’t know if you’ve ever spent time in s—-hole bars in New Jersey with old people yelling at the TV, but that’s what it is. It’s a guy going, ‘’I never said that,’’ and in the back of the room Elbow Eddie looks up from his Pall Malls and his Budweiser and goes, ’’That’s f—-in’ bulls—-! I heard you say it two days ago!‘’ That’s all that is. It’s not a journalistic gotcha, it’s just anger. It’s easy when you’re participating in the discussion to forget that people are watching and taping. Typically, politicians make you go back six months. But now…
COLBERT: I’ve got one for you. McCain said, ‘’The fundamentals of our economy are strong’’ and ‘’Our economy is at risk.’’ One was at 9 a.m., the other was 11 a.m. Our joke was ‘’You can be strong and at risk, too. Like, a muscleman who wouldn’t wear a condom. What’s the worst that could happen?’’

… og USAs for tiden katastrofalt dårlige økonomi:

There are a lot of issues in this election. The biggest one right now is the economy.
STEWART: We were in this huge credit crisis, out of money. Then the Fed goes, We’ll give you a trillion dollars, and all of a sudden Wall Street is like, ‘’I can’t believe we got away with it!‘’ Can you imagine if someone said, ’’I shouldn’t have bought that sports car because it means I can’t have my house,‘’ and the bank just said, ’’All right, you can have your house. And you know what? Keep the car.‘’ [He throws up his arms joyfully and shouts] ’’Yeaaaaah, I get to keep the car! Wait, do I have to give the money back?‘’ ’’No, it doesn’t matter.‘’ ’’Yeah, I’m gonna get another car! I’m gonna do the same thing the same way, except twice as f—-ed up!‘’
COLBERT: The idea that Lehman Brothers doesn’t get any money and AIG does reminds me very much of ‘’Iran is a mortal enemy because they have not achieved a nuclear weapon. But North Korea is a country we can work with, because they have a nuclear weapon.’’ The idea is, Get big or go home. How big can you f—- up? Can you f—- up so bad that you would ruin the world economy? If it’s just 15,000 who are out of jobs, no. You have to actually be a global f—-up to get any help.

Jeg anbefaler uansett alle å klikke seg gjennom til siste side, for å se den hysterisk morsomme parodien på The New Yorkers mildt sagt omstridte cover.

EW-intervjuet fikk meg til å tenke på et veldig bra intervju Maureen Dowd gjorde med Stewart/Colbert for Rolling Stone for et par år siden. Hun er selvgod, de er vidunderlige. Anbefales!

"Nytt" hovedkvarter for Colbert

Comedy Central har gitt en real oppussing. Det er lagt ut over 2800 klipp, samt et knippe episoder. Forhåpentligvis blir sistnevnte avdeling oppgradert med mer arkivmateriale etterhvert, men ellers er det ikke noe å si på innholdet. Nettstedet er ikke overraskende reklamefinansiert, dette er tross alt mannen som først aksepterte eksistensen av global oppvarming da filmen til Al Gore ble en økonomisk suksess.

Fra et av mine favorittsegmenter, “Better Know A District”: